Saturday, October 6, 2007

a few notes

i've been down for the count recently, fighting something nasty that has taken residence in my head and lungs, so, i've been a bit out of commission.
--joe thornton's goal to force overtime was just an amazing shot. He went short side, upper corner. A thing of beauty. What exactly was Boston thinking getting rid of him? who was it? Marco Sturm, Wayne Primeau, and Brad Stuart? Stuart's the only one that made any sense. Just an idiot move by whoever the gm was at the time maybe o'connell? not sure. Furthermore, those san jose jerseys are just about atrocious. I liked the old design now it looks like they're some kind of minor league team on a budget.
-ales hemsky's move in overtime versus nabokov was ridiculous. There was no way, from that angle, that he should have been able to get that over the oustrectched Nabokov. He hit the crossbar, but, just beautiful.
- Nabokov, for my dollar, is one of the best goalies to watch in the league. He is so fundamentally sound. His footwork is incredible. That being said, I wonder if he has what it takes between his ears. More than other positions on the ice, goalies need to be mental giants to win. A goalie with no technique whatsoever (a.k.a. Hasek) is capable of winning a cup based almost solely on his mental game. Well, he has some technique, it just has nothing to do with anything you'll ever learn at a goaltending school. Anyway, Nabokov showed his lack of focus last year versus the wings when he let a weak shot in from Lang late in the game. It ended up being the turning point in the series.
-- I've been pretty impressed with Toskala in Toronto. He definitely makes it look easy, he's very sound positionally. Same goes for Bryzgalov in Anaheim. I have yet, to date, been the least bit overwhelmed by Fleury in Pittsburgh, he's not shown me much to prove he's capable of what people earlier predicted of him. But, once again, the mental game is the x factor.
i'll be watching the wings tonight, where we get to have a look at old robert lang. what a waste of money that guy was. I was never sold on him to begin with. I think his time with Jagr helped him make some money. People looked at his numbers and thought he was capable of a number 1 center position. Really a joke.

well, i'm not at the top of my game, being sick and all. I'm gonna lay low for a bit. Catch up with you all later.

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