Wednesday, October 10, 2007

notes versus the flames

- zettterberg and datsyuk, there's not much to say. seeing them play together it almost seems crazy to split them up. I'm kind of happy franzen got hurt so early, babs had his eyes set on keeping those two apart for a while. but, our attack is limited when we do that.
- being down for a few days, i didn't comment on hudler. the media needs to be careful with this guy. the word 'superstar' is getting thrown around quite regularly. and let's not forget that he is young and had only 15 goals last year. yes, in limited amount of time, but, give the guy time. he could be great or he could be the next greg johnson, who jimmy d once proclaimed to be the next steve yzerman. using comparisons and 'superstar' can be very hard on young players. remember daigle? prognosticating on future talent is iffy at best. that being said, hudler is going to break all of gretzky's record within the year. just kidding, he's going to be good though, eventually.
- kipper made a horrible play on that goal, but really did a lot to redeem his teams confidence in him with a big save.
-huselius was once touted as a superstar waiting to flourish, then he had a few bad seasons. shows what a change of scenery can do for a player.great play on that goal. he made ozzie look silly.
period 2 coming up

-datsyuk is killing it tonight. my question is whether or not that becomes zetta's goal because it looked like he tapped it as it was going over the line.
-kronner-- bad turnover on that goal, but still, ozzie should have had that. There's no way from the angle that Huselius was at that he should have been able to put that in. He opened ozzie up a little bit and banked it off of him.
--Ken Daniels said that Samuelsson thought that playing with Filppula was like playing with Zetterberg. There were many a time last year when I mistook those two for each other. They have a similar skating style, and I do believe that Fil may have some of that potential. I see him as a future Lehtinen. See above if you want to know what I think about comparisons.
- the second line of huds, fil, and sammy had a great shift. they totally controlled the puck. that's one of the first times that i've seen the second scoring line show much of anything.
- we did a great job of maintaining control of the puck on the delayed penalty call. Draper, how did he tip that puck?
- ozzie did a wonderful job of getting to his post after a shot from the point went wide. the rebound off the boards came straight out. ozzie went straight to his post and made a nice pad stop. shortly after that, he nearly undid that earlier save by bobbling an easy shot to his glove hand. the rebound nearly was put in.
-after the 3rd goal I swear that I saw someone holding up a Lilja jersey. That's just plain weird. Is that person a family member? To buy a customized jersey for a 6th defenseman? -- seems like a lot of money. I'm still wearing my O'Connell jersey though. Maybe I'll switch to my Zombo jersey next game.
-switched over to watch some of the Ottawa/Atlanta game during the break. Lehtonen is going to be a game breaker soon. Nick Foligno is wearing his dad's number. Pretty cool. Maybe he should wear the same helmet too. Remember that thing? It had Stan Mikita's signature on it. It was bulbous and huge. uh-oh game's back on.
3rd period
- 2nd pp unit- good to see them get a goal- I've been pretty worried about the second unit. They really are quite a step down from the first unit. You can't really blame them though. I've been really impressed with Samuelsson early on this year. He looks like he's picked up a step, and he's got a hell of a shot.

- ozzie great save on a back door play to huselius. if he doesn't make that save, we have a much closer game on our hands.

-overall the third was pretty uneventful, not many stoppages of play, and not much of note.

game summary
the wings were really pretty dominant the entire game. Even when it was tied and then with a one goal lead, I didn't feel Calgary was ever really pressing. Zetterberg is looking amazing early on. I'm not sure what his offseason looked like, training-wise, but he might get a lot more attention this year from the media.

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